We sponsor certain products that we believe strongly in and use ourselves.
Ordering these products through our website will help in the financial support our health documentaries.

There are many excellent products out there. As always we believe you should do your own research and work with your medical professional to choose the right product for you. None of these products are designed to prevent, treat or cure any disease. They simply help the body in its own natural healing process.

ASEA – Asea is healing water. It increases the body’s own super anti-oxidants (glutathione, SOD superoxide-disumtase, and catalase) by over 500%. It’s focus is cell health–cellular regeneration and repair–whether they are heart, kidney, liver, brain, or skin cells, neurons or vascular cells, all are helped by ASEA. Beginning with a base of ultra purified salt and water, a three day process produces trillions of ‘signaling’ molecules in a bottle, creating more of what our body makes itself, but is low on as we age or when we are ill. These molecules go right to the mitochondria of the cell, and miraculous healing happens.


Sonic Life – Exercise is one of the most basic ingredients to good health. Many of us don’t have time to exercise, and the elderly and disabled do not have the opportunity to exercise. Sonic Life solves this problem. Sonic Life is whole body vibration in 10 minutes per day. 1) It puts your cells in “oxygen” mode, providing amazing healing at the cell level. 2) It builds muscle. 10 minutes on a Sonic Life per day can build muscle no matter what your age, physical condition or disability. 3) You can burn up to 290 calories in 10 minutes, ideal for weight loss.

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