Exciting news! More evidence ALS can be reversed!

In our ongoing work on our film and book about people diagnosed with ALS who have cured ALS or reversed symptoms significantly, it is always exciting to find out about someone new who has done it!

It is also very exciting to get more verification, and more evidence that ALS is a reversible condition long term, that aggressive holistic methods of nutrition, detoxification combined with positive mental attitude and positive emotions do, in fact, work.

Please listen to the entire 30-minute video below of 26 year-old Pshemyslav, diagnosed 3 years before this video. He is only one of several people that we know of diagnosed with ALS to do well at this clinic. Below is documented proof that ALS symptoms can be reversed and then some comments.

Our experience interviewing those who have successfully cured themselves of ALS or have healed ALS symptoms long term is consistent with this video. It is, it is a combination of a lot of holistic physical therapies simultaneously and positive emotions like love, forgiveness and positive mental attitude towards that works. You need both.


If you only eat a high fat ketogenic or paleo diet, or only take significant vitamin and other supplements for neurological health, oral or IV, or only do detoxification protocols, or only get your amalgam dental fillings replaced or only avoid food additives, pesticides and environmental toxins, or only take coconut oil, or even do a few of these, it’s not enough. To reverse or heal ALS long term you need to do most or all of the above and some need to do more, like homeopathy, neuro-feedback, acupuncture or energy work.

In Pshemyslav’s case in the video, it was many physical therapies simultaneously (these are listed on their website), combined with emotional therapies that were successful in reversing his ALS symptoms.

Emotional and Mental:

Pshemyslav’s coach in the video, regardless of all the many physical therapies that they do at the center, says,

“If a person keeps any problems within himself, which he has done to somebody or somebody has done to him, such a person won’t be able to be healed as his brain will be permanently [affected] (sic).”

“If you don’t ask forgiveness and don’t forgive other people you will have no chance for healing.”

What does he base this on?

The fact is that when you are stuffing your problems inside, are angry at someone, or just thinking stressful, negative, judgmental, or fearful thoughts, your body is in a state of stress. A body under stress cannot take in nutrients, cannot detoxify, and cannot heal. A body under stress actually promotes a diseased state.

When you are thinking positive, loving, forgiving, happy thoughts, your body is in a state of relaxation. In this state, in the body, blood flows better, oxygen and nutrients enter the cell, the body is able to detoxify and body tissues are able to heal.

Still don’t believe it?

Please do this very brief exercise:

    1. Close your eyes.
    2. Think of an angry, fearful or stressful thought or incident.
    3. How does your body feel?
    4. Now think of a loving or forgiving thought, or a very happy memory.
    5. Now how does your body feel?

Which physical state is more consistent with healing?

Bottom line: a negative mental-emotional state promotes disease, a positive mental-emotional state promotes healing.


4 thoughts on “Exciting news! More evidence ALS can be reversed!

  1. Great video and nice ALS improvement. This is very consistent with what we have seen.
    Modern medicine can learn from this.

  2. I want to believe! This young man’s energy levels and speech appear to dramatically improve in a short time. I would love to see more details about the treatment protocol and long term progress of this and other patients. I believe a very important key we can all take away from this video is that multiple types of intervention are essential to successfully beating ALS.

  3. Thanks for all you do to spread the word that the symptoms from ALS can be reversed. There are so many ways to heal from ALS. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, we need to remove the blocks to healing like stress and lack of energy and then add energy through nutrition, being in nature and alternative therapies.
    Dawn (diagnosed with ALS in 2002)

  4. Great post and extremely inspiring for those who are dealing with ALS. As people become more and more aware of what is possible the more who will heal from this horrible syndrome.
    Thanks for your time and effort on this.

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