Alzheimer’s Reversal Conference available online

Great news: The recent Hope for Dementia and Alzheimer’s at The Omega Institue in Rhinebeck, NY is available for on-demand on-line viewing until October 1, 2016 for only $49!  

Featuring three top medical doctors Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Mark Hyman, it was a conference packed with practical information on how to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia for yourself and your loved ones. For highlights of the conference. Below the picture are some highlights of the conference.

Here is the link:

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Some highlights of the conference:

Dale Bredesen, MD shared videos and studies where he reversed cognitive decline in 9 of 10 Alzheimer’s cases. Clear improvement in cognitive testing was shown in each case of reversal. In addition, was one of the most exciting part of hs talk: documentarion of significant increases for many patients in the size of the hippocampus, the memory cnter of the brain. This is clear physical proof that memory can be restored. Dr. Bredesen also categorized Alzheimer’s disease into three subtypes, each of which is treated differently.

Mark Hyman, MD explained why fat is an optimal fuel for the brain, why low-glycemic index foods are a wise choice and why vegetarians might want to consider adding meat back into their diets. Dr. Hyman also covered the importance of balancing hormones, and shared detailed lab testing and clinically based treatment protocols. Especially helpful was the information he shared on heavy metial testing and detoxifiation.

David Pelmutter, MD stated that if we do nothing, our by age 85 one in two of us will have Alzheimer’s. He went on to share a simple step that everyone can take to cut your Alzheimer’s risk by 50%, then a second simple step to reduce it by another 50%. He shared diet and supplement recommendations and how to optimize the gut microbiome, which has a direct connection with brain health.

Sharp Again Naturally’s Jacqui Biship and Lisa Feiner presented nine reversible cuases of Alzheimer’s and dementia and practical tips on how to address these causes, with diet, and avoidance of certain foods and toxins. They also explained why you can be thyroid deficient even if your lab tests are normal, and how a simple change in your thyroid supplement can reverse dementia.

Health Advocates Worldwide’s Patricia Tamowski and Scott Douglas presented previous as well as brand new video of actual reversals of dementia and Alzheimer’s disesase. as well as details of how people they interviewed successfully reversed their cognitive decline and got their minds and their lives back!

This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. For unlimited online viewing of this impressive conference until October1: