ALS Puzzle Pieces #1 Belief and #2 Stress: Scientific proof that we can heal from anything, including ALS


We have met many, many people who have healed from ALS, some completely, some partially. All will live normal life spans. Two of the things they had in common were:

  1. They believed that they could heal.
  2. They dealt with the stresses in their lives and achieved balance in their lives, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


One thing everyone who has healed from ALS has in common is belief that they can and will heal. Although many initially believed their doctors that they would die, at some point they changed that belief. (This includes the belief they deserve to heal—but that will be discussed in a future blog).

Lissa Rankin, MD talks of 50 years of research proving that we can heal ourselves from anything (including ALS).

Wasn’t that a great video? It helps explain that part of the solution to ALS and other diseases is absolute belief that you can heal.


The other thing Dr. Rankin talks about in the above video is the stress response and how the body reacts.

In our observations, the vast majority of people diagnosed with ALS experienced significant stress in their lives during the three to five years before their symptoms appeared. Dr. Rankin appears.

Stress is discussed in more detail in her next video:


From our observations, we know that to heal from ALS, Puzzle pieces #1 Belief and #2 Stress, MUST be dealt with. This isn’t to say that physical things are not important: nutrition, supplements, detoxification, balancing the body, optimizing, liver, kidney and gut function are also key to healing.

All we are saying is that to heal from ALS you need to address, along with the physical: belief, stress, emotional healing, negative thoughts, balance in your life, and more. Healing your mind will help your body heal.

We are journalists, not medical professionals. The information we share is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as medical advice.

Patricia Tamowski is co-founder of Health Advocates Worldwide along with Alan Scott Douglas. They create documentary films, book and videos educating the world about reversible causes of disease. Their current focus is ALS and Alzheimer’s.