Eric Edney – An ALS legend. Eric has won.

For those of you who do not know Eric Edney, he is a legend in the ALS world. Not onlyEric Still Pic has he survived ALS for a quarter of a century, he taken the time and trouble to share what he has learned with the world. He wrote the book Eric Is Winning, and then a second book, Surviving Without You MD. He has maintained a website for years, for the benefit of all who want information on how to heal ALS. Eric writes a monthly updates. These updates, as a unit, contain the wisdom of a quarter century of experience. Eric’s book Eric is Winning and blog are a must read for anyone who wants to heal ALS.

Eric Backgammon 2We had the privilege of spending a couple of days with Eric and his wife Glenna back in 2010. We saw that he lived his principles and practiced what he preached. If the world were made up people with the heart and spirit of Eric and Glenna, it would be a much better place.

Eric Edney had his first symptoms of ALS when he was 59 years old. He recently celebrated his 84th birthday, 21 years after his first diagnosis in 1993. Not a person to just accept a diagnosis, Eric got a second, third and fourth opinion. He was diagnosed four different times by four different neurologists.

Eric’s ALS disease progression was typical at first. He lost muscle mass, he had increasing difficulty walking and using his arms and hands, and like most people diagnosed with ALS, ended up in a wheelchair.

Then after his fourth diagnosis in 1996, a doctor told him he has six months to live. His first reaction was tears, he and his wife Glenna holding each other mourning the loss of a bright future together. Then something clicked. He made a decision. He would do anything and everything he could to find an answer to this disease and heal.

Eric went to the library, read all he could about disease. He read about holistic healing and it made sense to him so he experimented with various holistic protocols. He kept reading and experimenting.Eric Pac man 2

Eric discovered, over time, three basic ingredients are necessary for healing: 1) Nutrition, 2) Detoxification and 3) PMA, or positive mental attitude.

  1. Giving the body good clean food with proper nutrients is essential for the body to heal. Vitamin and mineral supplementation is necessary not only because our soil no longer has the nutrients is used to but also because if our body is full of toxins, we end up depleted in many of these vitamins and minerals.
  2. Our bodies accumulate toxins over our lives. Exposure to pesticides in our foods, medications, lead in the days of leaded gasoline and paint, mercury in our silver amalgam dental fillings, chlorine and fluoride in our water are just a few. These toxins interfere with the body’s healing mechanism and need to be safely removed from the body. This process is called detoxification.
  3. Positive Mental Attitude, or PMA as Eric calls it, is the third essential ingredient for healing. Without it, your body will not heal. It turns out that Eric is right. There is scientific evidence that our thoughts and emotional state can affect our cells positively or negatively, backing up Eric’s assertions.

Eric is not cured from ALS, but he has stopped the progression, and reversed some of his symptoms. Not bad for someone who was given six months to live almost 20 years ago.

Sometimes people will say, “I read Eric Edney’s book, I tried his method but it didn’t work”. Yet when I ask them exactly what they did, it turns out that they did a few things in Eric’s protocol, but by no means all of it. I hear, “I can’t live without sugar”, or “eating organic is too expensive” or “I hate the dentist too much to get the mercury amalgams out of my mouth” or “I couldn’t possibly take all those vitamins.”

To heal from ALS you need to do everything “until”. Until your symptoms slow, stop then reverse. If you are still declining then you need to do more. It is like a puzzle. Perhaps you have missed a toxin somewhere that you are being exposed to, perhaps you are low on anEric Glenna & Rouzier essential mineral, perhaps you have unresolved stress. Fortunately there are good holistic practitioners to help you solve the puzzle. Eric’s doctor, Neal Rouzier, MD is one of them. Two good sites to find one are and

The bad news is that it is not easy to heal from ALS. It takes belief, determination and persistence. The good news is that you can heal from ALS. We have seen it happen over and over again. As more and more people diagnosed with ALS follow the example of Eric Edney, it will become more commonplace, and maybe about 20 years after that, mainstream medicine will catch up. In the meantime, follow Eric. He is a winner. At 84 years old, he has won. He has beaten ALS.

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Steven Shackel – Details on how he healed ALS

The best part about working on our documentary film, Healing ALS has been the people we have met. Every single person we have interviewed who has reversed ALS/MND, whether partially or completely, is truly remarkable and Steven Shackel is no exception. Interviewing him was an honor and the time went by in a flash. ShackleSteveNSouki2012LRSteve lives in Australia so we did the interview via Skype.

Why is Steven Shackel so special?

In 1994, at the age of 42, a muscular athlete and avid cyclist, Steve was diagnosed by one of the top neurologists in the world with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as MND (motor neuron disease) or Lou Gehrig’s disease. He was given 2 years to live, 5 if he was lucky. He was told that there is no known cause or cure for ALS, no way to prevent ALS, that his muscles would waste away and he would soon need a wheelchair. and then a feeding tube and a ventilator, followed by death.ShackleSteve ~1997

Steve is a bit of a rebel. In his mind, just because no one else has found a solution to the disease does not mean it is not possible to cure it. From the beginning he made the decision to do everything he could to get well. He voraciously read everything he could about ALS/MND. He studied the sciences. He contacted doctors and scientists from around the world to ask questions and to share what he knew. He experimented on himself in a very regimented fashion.  From his research, he knew early on that liver function was extremely important and the most important part of keeping the liver healthy was to drink lots of water daily. He also started taking supplements to support his liver. He researched and experimented with diet and found that for him a low glycemic index diet gave the best results. He eliminated sugar completely from his diet, ate low glycemic vegetables and other foods and restricted meat. To say he tried a variety of supplements and protocols would be an understatement. Another area Steve worked on was mind-body and the psychological-emotional aspects of disease. He experimented with meditation and visualization and other mind-body techniques.

On of Steve’s biggest contributions is that he created a website (rare in the mid-1990’s) so he could share everything he learned about ALS/MND and allow others to share their experiences for the benefit of all dealing with this disease.

Month after month, Steve wrote a log of his symptoms, his research, his experimentation with various supplements and protocols and shared that log with the world on his website, Today, this site remains a valuable resource for many diagnosed with ALS.

Although his supplements and protocols were helping, Steve’s symptoms continued to worsen. His muscles continued waste away, he had to use a cane, and eventually needed a wheelchair.

Still, Steve did not give up. He continued to work on every physical aspect of the disease and he continued to work on mind-body mediation and visualization, keeping a positive attitude and dealing with any psychological issues that came up. He realized that we create everything in our lives and he came to the conclusion that he created his disease, that his disease was no accident. Well, if he created it, he also knew that he could un-create it, in other words, he could heal.

After months of ups and downs, and lots of discouragement, one day, he gave up control. Instead of fighting the disease he accepted completely that he has ALS and was okay with it. This does not mean that he did not continue to do everything he could to get well—it simply meant that he was okay with the disease and with whatever happened. This was a turning point. From that day Steve began to get better. Slowly, over the next months, he began to slowly be able to put weight on his legs and very slowly began to learn to walk again.ShackleGuitarsmall

Today, almost 20 years from diagnosis, Steve Shackle walks, runs, plays the guitar, cooks dinner for his wife, plays with his animals. Now in his 60’s, Steve looks forward to a normal life expectancy. According to neurologists he no longer has ALS, although given his original test results they stick by their original diagnosis. Truly miraculous results.

ShacklePandaB&WSteve Shackle says without a doubt had he not done the physical things he did with diet, detoxification and supplements he would be dead. He also says that had he not done the meditation, visualization and psychological work that he did he would be dead.

You can learn more details of how Steve cured his ALS in our upcoming documentary film and book, Healing ALS. Producing a film on this scale is expensive and involves considerable costs including travel, shooting, transcripts, editing, graphics and post-production. Any donations to complete the film are gratefully accepted at

Exciting news! More evidence ALS can be reversed!

In our ongoing work on our film and book about people diagnosed with ALS who have cured ALS or reversed symptoms significantly, it is always exciting to find out about someone new who has done it!

It is also very exciting to get more verification, and more evidence that ALS is a reversible condition long term, that aggressive holistic methods of nutrition, detoxification combined with positive mental attitude and positive emotions do, in fact, work.

Please listen to the entire 30-minute video below of 26 year-old Pshemyslav, diagnosed 3 years before this video. He is only one of several people that we know of diagnosed with ALS to do well at this clinic. Below is documented proof that ALS symptoms can be reversed and then some comments.

Our experience interviewing those who have successfully cured themselves of ALS or have healed ALS symptoms long term is consistent with this video. It is, it is a combination of a lot of holistic physical therapies simultaneously and positive emotions like love, forgiveness and positive mental attitude towards that works. You need both.


If you only eat a high fat ketogenic or paleo diet, or only take significant vitamin and other supplements for neurological health, oral or IV, or only do detoxification protocols, or only get your amalgam dental fillings replaced or only avoid food additives, pesticides and environmental toxins, or only take coconut oil, or even do a few of these, it’s not enough. To reverse or heal ALS long term you need to do most or all of the above and some need to do more, like homeopathy, neuro-feedback, acupuncture or energy work.

In Pshemyslav’s case in the video, it was many physical therapies simultaneously (these are listed on their website), combined with emotional therapies that were successful in reversing his ALS symptoms.

Emotional and Mental:

Pshemyslav’s coach in the video, regardless of all the many physical therapies that they do at the center, says,

“If a person keeps any problems within himself, which he has done to somebody or somebody has done to him, such a person won’t be able to be healed as his brain will be permanently [affected] (sic).”

“If you don’t ask forgiveness and don’t forgive other people you will have no chance for healing.”

What does he base this on?

The fact is that when you are stuffing your problems inside, are angry at someone, or just thinking stressful, negative, judgmental, or fearful thoughts, your body is in a state of stress. A body under stress cannot take in nutrients, cannot detoxify, and cannot heal. A body under stress actually promotes a diseased state.

When you are thinking positive, loving, forgiving, happy thoughts, your body is in a state of relaxation. In this state, in the body, blood flows better, oxygen and nutrients enter the cell, the body is able to detoxify and body tissues are able to heal.

Still don’t believe it?

Please do this very brief exercise:

    1. Close your eyes.
    2. Think of an angry, fearful or stressful thought or incident.
    3. How does your body feel?
    4. Now think of a loving or forgiving thought, or a very happy memory.
    5. Now how does your body feel?

Which physical state is more consistent with healing?

Bottom line: a negative mental-emotional state promotes disease, a positive mental-emotional state promotes healing.