Steve Shackel

Steve Shackel was diagnosed with ALS in 1994. He was given two years to live by his doctors. Steve, instead of just accepting his diagnosis, searched and experimented, and found there were things he could do. One of the first things he found was that liver function is extremely important, so he took supplements for liver support, drank lots of water and changed to a low glycemic index diet. Today Steve is able to walk again, play guitar and his ALS muscle wasting is gone.

For more information on Steve, check out his website: This Was the First Website Ever Dedicated to ALS/MND

Eric Edney

Eric Edney was 59 years old when his ALS symptoms began. In the next several years he was given three different diagnoses of ALS. Eric had been taking supplements and making some changes, but continued to deteriorate. Four and one-half years later Eric was in a wheelchair and his doctor gave him six months to live. Eric then decided that he would do anything and everything he could to heal. At 84 years old, Eric is still going strong. He has stopped the progression of his ALS and partially reversed his symptoms.

Eric’s book is called Eric Is Winning and is available from

Eric’s website is