3 thoughts on “October 2020: Please visit HealingALS.org for most up-to-date activity on ALS.

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  2. My husband was diagnosed with ALS on Sept. 28, 2018. Wevwerecencouraged by your video about those that are winning! He has been following the “Eric Is Winning”protocol . My husband has similar symptoms to Carol Jensen. We have not seen an update on her since 2014. Wondering how she is doing. We also saw Kim Cherry’s chapter and were wondering how to contact him. Right now my husband had weakness in his right hand and some curling of his fingers. We would be interested in participating in your research. Any support you could give us would be appreciated! Susan Bonner

    • Good for your husband. Eric got the basics right: nutrition & supplements, detoxification, and positive mental attitude. Carol was doing very well the last time we spoke. The best way to contact Kim and Kay Cherry is through the contact form of their website, alswinners.com. We encourage you to look very thoroughly at HealingALS.org, all the blogs, all the membership articles and more. A good place to start is https://healingals.org/2016/04/. Please also check out shackel.org. We are expecting to do live webinars at HealingALS.org in the upcoming months so please keep checking back.

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